Scotland Please Help Us


29662352_2289850894374279_678649385994454583_oSo in around 8 hours time I’m leaving Dublin and heading to Scotland with my microwave, no money and just a positive attitude. I’m trying to make it across the whole country carrying a microwave with nothing to raise funds for a good cause.

I have never been to Scotland, I know around three people who live in the whole country. I have no idea about the geography, not much clue about the culture and I know the weather is going to be rough.

What I do know from my last trip around Ireland is that people are amazing and I believe that humanity is at its best when other people are struggling. I’m hoping to meet some kind-hearted souls who help me and the microwave make it across the land. You can help me make it by sharing posts on Facebook, asking friends to help us on our way or by contacting media and helping get us coverage.

The more people who know about this challenge the more likely we will find places to stay, get food and most importantly the more money we will raise.

The aim of this trip is to raise some funds towards Robyn Smyth’s medical bills. Any donations made are for  Robyns Life Trust

“Robyn Smyth is a 14 year old girl from Dublin, Ireland. She lives with her Mammy, Daddy and little sister Millie. Like any 14 year old girl she loves to play outside, bake, play Minecraft and spend time with friends and family.

In 2007 at the age of 3 Robyn was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a rare form of childhood cancer. Fortunately after months of aggressive treatment Robyn entered remission. However Robyn’s family’s lives were turned upside down when they discovered that the neuroblastoma had returned. To date Robyn has received all the treatment Ireland has to offer. In order to have the best chance of survival Robyn took part in trial treatment at Helen Devos Children’s Hospital, in Michigan, USA.  She has done well and will now need to go on another trial in Sloan Kettering in New York.

Currently Robyn’s family are doing everything in their power to raise enough money to continue with this treatment but they need your help.”

Please donate toward the cause ❤

I would really appreciate your support

Please like my Facebook page:

Follow the the journey live on Instagram: @themicrowaveexpress

Know somebody who works in radio, news or has connections?  A small shoutout can make a big difference in this trip.


Thanks for reading and stay deadly




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